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We offer efficient cargo transport between Poland and the United Kingdom.

Our services include:

  • full truck load,
  • part load,
  • groupeage,
  • small parcels,
  • superexpress shipment - next day delivery,
  • distribution within Poland and UK.

Speed - Quality - Safety

Standard commercial transport cargo, refrigerated, and property resettlement. Goods can be placed on pallets or without pallets. The customer can commission us to transport one, two, a few pallets, as well as the whole car. Freight is adequate for the amount of freight transported. For example, the transport rate of 1 pallet charge for 1 pallet, not the whole car.

We have a tilt trucks, isothermal, refrigerator, furniture-car, blaster.

Small cars (buses and up to 12 cbm capacity of 1.5 tons), medium-sized car with a capacity of 2 tons, 3 tons, 6 tons, 12 tons and large trucks with a load capacity of 24 tons so. semi-trailers, trucks or sets of such cars with trailers. Sometimes store pallets in the warehouse. Then carry the load accumulated collective transport. Then the cost of the service is even lower.


For further information, please send e-mail to the following address:

To expedite your order please provide us with the following information:

  • from-to (postal codes):
  • load (quantity, weight, packing):
  • contact (e-mail, tel.):
  • notes (dates and terms of service, etc.):


 tel. 077 666 05 200




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