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What has our company cars?

Truck specifications: dimensions, load, trim

bus 3,60x1,80x1,70 7-14 1,5 van/wagon
supply 3,60x1,70x1,70 10 0,9 van/wagon, tilt, refrigerator
3-ton 5,20x2,30x2,30 25-28 3,0 van/wagon, tilt, refrigerator
small car for clothes
6,00x2,40x2,60 34-38 2,5 car for clothes

a small set of

5,20x2,30x2,30 +
50-60 5,0-6,0 van/wagon, tilt
8-ton, "solo" 7,80x2,40x2,40 45 8,0 van/wagon, tilt, refrigerator
set 7,65x2,40x2,80 +
80-120 16,0-20,0 tilt, car for clothes
semi-trailer, "big TIR" 13,60x2,40x2,70
80-90 24,0 van/wagon, tilt, refrigerator
jumbo (3,60+10,00)x2,40x
90-105 16,0-24,0 van/wagon, tilt, refrigerator, car for clothes


Do we only transportation Poland - Germany?

No, we specialize in forwarding Poland - England, Poland - Italy, Poland - France on both sides.
Theother countries, please inquireby e-mailor by phone.

Do we only overland road transport?

No, we air parcel services from door to door. Dimensions of air parcels must enable loading the plane. Conditions to be met by air parcel are as follows:

  • the longest side (dimension a) is not longer than 2 meters and
  • circumference plus longest side (a +2b +2c) is less than 3 meters.


Do you offer fast international packages?

Yes, we provide international courier transport. We provide services in accordance with high standards in force in the global courier companies. In particular, we appreciate the cooperation with FedEx (Federal Express).

Transport time is as follows:

  • in Europe 1-2 working days,
  • World 2-6 working days,
  • Polish delivery to the USA within 1 day!

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